There are a lot of developments surrounding artificial intelligence. In fact, artificial intelligence has been used in order to perform a number of tasks. For instance, a good example of artificial intelligence is Facebook’s face recognition. What it does is make it easier for people to tag people on their photos. But of course, there are scary repercussions knowing how this kind of technology can be used by the government against people. It can be an issue of privacy.

Another important aspect that AI developed is the ability to help us in transportation. Tesla has been using AI in order to get people from point A to point B in a safer manner. Self-driving cars can help people go to their desired location and they don’t even have to drive on their own.

Also, artificial intelligence can affect the job market. For instance, if you are working as a minimum wage worker, AI can now potentially take you out of your job. There are a number of applications that can be used to replace these kinds of work. A lot of times it can be tricky on the part of the industry whether or not to support AI or provide job opportunities. There are instances when wages cost a lot more than the adoption of these technologies.